Objective Settlement Advisor

A Curry settlement plan considers every resource available to you, which may mean a combination of strategies. For example, a settlement plan can include upfront cash payments to cover immediate financial obligations, a trust to protect Medicare or Medicaid benefits, a tax-free structured settlement annuity to meet medical and living expenses, or other financial planning tactics. We cover all the bases because first and foremost, we know you want the best settlement agreement possible so you can put all of this behind you and get on with your life.

Anatomy of a Structured Settlement
At the heart of every Curry  settlement plan is an extraordinary financial tool created by Congress exclusively for injured people called a “structured settlement.” 

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Payments from interest-earning annuities are backed by the nation’s top-rated life insurance companies

Tax Free

You and your dependents receive a 100% lifetime exclusion from income, dividend and capital gains taxes.


Powerful planning and financial tools help us create a structured settlement that is a perfect fit for you and your unique circumstances.

No Risk, No Fees

 Returns are NOT subject to the whims of Wall Street or poor financial management. There are also no management fees.


Benefits from federal and private health care plans are protected.